Meet Reverend Imok!

... and the anti-BOB.


Beatings and Salivations! My name is Reverend Judas Imok, and I've recently arrived from the region of THUD. I met Nixon, there, and he finally admitted that yes, he is a crook. The picture you see, is a pretty acurate fnord description, on a good day. I am the co-founder fnord of The Worshippers of the Discordian Chao, I've just been put in the center of things. My best fnord friend is our Patron Saint, St. Oreo, Patron of Ovulation fnord, Penguins, and Anti-Tea drinking Chinese fnord. I'm fairly impressed with all the Illuminatti fnord shit that's on the Net... so just to let you know, fnord yes we do exist. And what is with this myth of Fnords? I have never seen a Fnord, on any web pages or anything containing Fnords! GIVE IT A REST DAMN IT!!!
Click HERE!!!! or the FNORDS will get you!!!!!!!!!!!

Reverend Imok