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Welcome to the Discordian Society Restoration!


My name is Reverend Judas Imok, and I'm an avid Discordian. Now I've
been on the internet for quite some time and I've always seen
pages of new Sects, and/or Cabals of Discordianism. I've only
seen two pages based on the begining of it all, and they're not
even Homepages, they're simply webpages thrown out there.

What I intend to accomplish is to bring back to light the
Original Discordian Society. I want to go back to Principia
Discordia, look at it and say "Mal-2, is the thought of a
Unicorn a real thought?" After I read the BOOK, I searched for
pages about the P.o.E.E., and it was non-existant.

Now, all I really want to do is get pages, to see this page,
and hopefully add my page to theirs, and I will do the same,
then the Discordian Society, will basically be what it was
supposed to be originally, the root of Discordian Cabals/Sects.

Now do not think I claim to have originated this, I'm just 
bringing it back into the light.

One more thing... where are all these fnords people keep talking
about. I've never seen one!  Get Over it DAMN IT! THEY DON"T EXIST!!! 


This site will be featuring
Discordian Warez.

Some Discordian Links...

Meet Reverend Imok!: Creator of this page, and founder of Worshippers of the Discordian Chao.
The ARGWUFFLE Foundation
Principia Discordia
Pope cards: I dub thee =POPE=
Discordian Warez: Discordian STUFF...
Discordian Rebel Aliance
Discordian Eris Worshippers
Discordian Society
The "Anti-Bob": Sorry Emily.
A Discordian News Group
Need a compliment?

and More Discordian Links.

An Online service provided by the Illuminatti: no... seriously!
The Illuminatti Game
In Nomine:
Not exactly Discordian, but hey why not throw it in? It's a cool game.
Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!
Discordianesque Links
The Sacred Chao Ranch: -><-MU-><-
The Major Arcana of Discordian Tarot
Things That are Erisian Yet not Entirely Un-Green
Discordian and Illuminatti stuff
Halls of Chaos: Disturbing

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Kid Tested...

Reverend Imok

This page was last updated Pungent-Day, 52 day of Confusion, 3164 A.D.(Anno Discordia)
and for all you cabbages out there, July 17, 1998 and is continually under-construction.

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