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An-Tir West War Information

Basic Stuff about the area:

110 acres of easily accessible ranch land close to public river access. There is little shade, but temperatures shouldn't exceed 75 degrees as a cool breeze blows off the nearby ocean. Please be prepared for cool nights around 50 degrees with fog.

Everyone is encouraged to bring potable water. Be prepared, please bring mosquito repellent and sun blocků and rain gear (you never know on the coast).

The battle field is large and relatively flat with a big forested area for excellent woods battles. There will be fighting on both Friday, July 3rd and Saturday, July 4th.

o Site fee: $5.00 per person; $2.00 for children 3 to 12 and babes 2 and under FREE.
o All pets must be leashed.
o West Kingdom fire laws will be in effect.
o Site opens at 2pm, Thursday, July 2nd.

West Kingdom Fire Rules

To quote from The West Kingdom's Constable's Handbook, page 4-7: (comments that are italicized have been contributed by members of the populace.)

1. No ground fires of any kind, except in areas specifically prepared and approved by the site owners.

2. All firepits must have all grass cut short (cleared back) within a six-foot radius or beaten down by the use of a surface under the firepit.

3. All fires, stoves, and flame-producing light sources (candles, oil lamps, etc.) must be attended at all times.

4. No unenclosed candles or lanterns. Enclosed means that there's some type of barrier (metal, glass, ceramic, etc.) Candles and lanterns are NOT to be put on top of the grass.

5. All fires must have a fire extinguisher or a pail of water within immediate reach at all times. This includes gasoline or propane camp stoves as well as hibachis, grills, and any other fires. We recommend that an A-B rated fire extinguisher be used on any gasoline or oil-fueled fire.

6. All Coleman-type (white gas or propane) camping equipment, lanterns, stoves, space heaters, etc. are allowable if kept from other flammable materials (grass, cloth, pavilions, etc.) and NOT placed directly on the ground. Whether you can put it on wood, tables, or chests (ice or not) depends on how much heat the item gives off.

7. Tiki-style torches are specifically forbidden, due to the fire hazard they represent.

Directions to An-Tir West War >From the North:

Take best route to either Hwy 101 or Hwy 199 towards Crescent City.

On Hwy 101 make best speed south towards Junction 197 and Dr. Fine Bridge.
Cross bridge and turn right on Lake Earl Drive. Follow instructions below.

On Hwy 199, after you go through Hiouchi and past Jed Smith State Park, you need to turn right (west) on North Bank Road (Hwy 197) before you cross the Smith River. Drive about ten miles until you intersect with Hwy 101. Turn left (south) and cross over Dr. Fine bridge and turn right onto Lake Earl Drive.

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